May 14, 2008


Hmmm...this is harder than I thought. Where to begin??? It seems a little boring to give you my life story because....well frankly, it's not all that exciting. And also, I'm really expecting that most of you reading this already know me.  Here are the basics: I am a stay at home mom of 3 awesome kids (Kelli, Keaton and Kellen) and 1 fabulous husband (Tom) . According to many who are close to us, we have a lot of  fun in our house. I don't know. My view on the 'fun level' in our home is that we could do better.... actually, I'm not sure my family would really say that I am very fun to live with at all. I have my fair share of cranky days. I yell. I nag about everything.  Its more like this..... our lives often feel to me like an episode of Seinfeld....crazy, random, every-day interactions that are...... when I step back and take time to find the humor...absolutely hilarious (although not always funny "in the moment") . Just today, my youngest, Kellen (4) pointed out that the unfortunate part of my being a girl is that I don't have a, and instead, have to pee out of my butt!  The good news is that he said this only to me instead of like, in line at costco or something, which is usually where he decides to declare this kind of stuff. 

Stay tuned for more!