Sep 29, 2008


Hi Everyone! Okay....Other than the month leading up to Christmas, September has to be the busiest one around my house! I truly have not had even a moment of serenity since labor day and there is no sign of it letting up anytime soon!

I'm sure my readers, ( all 3 of you) have been wondering where I've been......
Well, along with the general craziness that goes along with the beginning of the school year, I got a job. A JOB! Can you beleive it? After almost 13 years of being home, I am now officially employed as a pediatric cancer nurse at a local hospital!!!! I applied, went to the interview, got hired, stressed out a little, bought some scrubs, crocs, and a pink stethescope and the rest is history! It has been an interesting journey so far. Scary and intimidating to say the least, but also really wonderful and rewarding. Tom has had to become "Mr. Mom"each morning and is doing a stellar job at it! (Thanks honey)! The boys have put together some interesting outfits under daddy's watch and had some really bad hair days... but so far, no permanent damage done! 
One of my favorite things so far (well, besides the sweet kids)  are the scrubs. I LOVE them. (Don't judge me). I wish I could wear them as my regular clothes. So much time would be saved on outfit planning! They are comfortable, don't wrinkle, don't really stain, don't require any special care or accessories, cheap...awesome! Dig around in the drawer, pull out a top, find the matching pants, DONE! Go buy yourself a set...wear them around town and pretend you're in healthcare or wear them as won't be sorry! Just make sure to get the one's with the drawstring and not the elastic waist because...well, let's face it....elastic waist pants are lame.

Happy Tuesday!

Sep 5, 2008

School begins....

Whew...we survived the first week of school! I know all of you mom's out there must feel like I do....worn out and very glad that it's Friday. 

Kelli started middle school 
this year and (so far) really loves it. There were a few 'bumps' at the beginning of the week. She spent 20 minutes sitting in the wrong gymnasium for P.E. on the first day, tripped in the 8th grade hallway, struggled endlessly to figure out how to open her locker and forgot her lunch in
 the car. Typical 'nightmarish' happenings when you're 12. However, I think she's got it all figured out now and will probably even go back next week!

Keaton is now in 4th grade and it THRILLED beyond measure to have a male
 teacher this year. His first days have been mostly uneventful.....I guess after 5 years at the same school you have the routine pretty well figured out. Mostly he has been preoccupied with checking the mail each day
 when he gets home to see if his new shoes have arrived and also asking how many days until he can sleep in or until summer......
it may be a l-o-n-g year!

Kellen is back at preschool for one more year and thoroughly enjoying going to school every day, just like his big sister and brother. The first day for him was exciting mostly because he finally got to wear one of the new t-shirts we bought for back to school. He has been admiring it in his closet for quite some time and was absolutely stoked to get to put it on. He has fondly named it his 'special k' shirt,( he thinks there is a 'K'  for "Kellen" on the front). Strangely, he has named all of his new clothes.....there is the 'awesome shirt',( not to be confused with the'awesome sweatshirt'), the 'heavy' pants, the "spraypaint" sweatshirt, 'tatoo' shoes, etc. What can I say....the kid loves adjectives!
Happy first week of school!!!!