Sep 5, 2008

School begins....

Whew...we survived the first week of school! I know all of you mom's out there must feel like I do....worn out and very glad that it's Friday. 

Kelli started middle school 
this year and (so far) really loves it. There were a few 'bumps' at the beginning of the week. She spent 20 minutes sitting in the wrong gymnasium for P.E. on the first day, tripped in the 8th grade hallway, struggled endlessly to figure out how to open her locker and forgot her lunch in
 the car. Typical 'nightmarish' happenings when you're 12. However, I think she's got it all figured out now and will probably even go back next week!

Keaton is now in 4th grade and it THRILLED beyond measure to have a male
 teacher this year. His first days have been mostly uneventful.....I guess after 5 years at the same school you have the routine pretty well figured out. Mostly he has been preoccupied with checking the mail each day
 when he gets home to see if his new shoes have arrived and also asking how many days until he can sleep in or until summer......
it may be a l-o-n-g year!

Kellen is back at preschool for one more year and thoroughly enjoying going to school every day, just like his big sister and brother. The first day for him was exciting mostly because he finally got to wear one of the new t-shirts we bought for back to school. He has been admiring it in his closet for quite some time and was absolutely stoked to get to put it on. He has fondly named it his 'special k' shirt,( he thinks there is a 'K'  for "Kellen" on the front). Strangely, he has named all of his new clothes.....there is the 'awesome shirt',( not to be confused with the'awesome sweatshirt'), the 'heavy' pants, the "spraypaint" sweatshirt, 'tatoo' shoes, etc. What can I say....the kid loves adjectives!
Happy first week of school!!!!


laura bacon said...

Oh, the locker drama!! I still have the nightmare that I can't find my locker, or I can't get the lock open. They need to figure out a better system for school storage!! Glad to see you made it through the first week!

chaff "4" said...

Oh how I remember tripping over the carpet by the pit at Mead High School. At that moment in time you feel so stupid. By next week she'll forget about it or laugh when she hears how many other kids had the same kind of first day that she had.

I forgot to take pictures this year. I always take them. way to go. I may have to have the kids put back on their outfits and pretend it is the first day of school.

Joey_Veltkamp said...

wow -- not having kids in middle school -- this all just trips out. i mean -- can't you remember being THAT kid on the first day of school? it doesn't feel that long ago. didn't you have your brace on then? ;) i was wearing my purple denim with fringed leather boots back then. just not having a clue about what a weirdo i was. i was so unprepared for the reaction to that. i thought i was SOOO cool. (turns out i wasn't) ;)

Kim said...

Congrats on surviving. My household is a zoo at the start of summer, my job is crazy in August, Joey is having trouble with his "new" schedule and full days are tiring! Not to mention getting everyone where they need to go with the right supplies.
Impressive Flanigan, oh great mama of three!

akbyrd said...

Oh Kelly's first week mishaps brings me back to Northwood days. Here are some ones that just popped in my head: Mrs. McDonald skating around the parking lot on her cross country skate skis, Mr. Reiter talking to the class about being a green beret or one of his weekend re-enactments of medevil times as a knight, buying Double Chocolate cookies at the student store twice a day & not gaining a pound back then, layering 3 pairs of socks & then squeezing into my no lace Keds....nice look. Tell Kelly to hang in ther & thanks for sharing.

Amy Jo Sleeth said...

My most terrifying memory from Northwood is being in band and having chair tryouts when you had to play alone in front of everyone. Absolutely nothing in my life has made me more nervous than chair tryouts. Some of my best memories are Michelle's neon-yellow Guess jumpsuit, discovering New Wave, and when Colleen would pretend to bang her head into a locker door. I don't think I got my boobs until 10th grade, but that was also terrifying.

LBB said...

Love the Kelli's outfit for the first day of school--like a little teenage! She is so cute! Does it feel strange to have a child in Jr High?
Love the black and white checked jacket--too cool!

The kids are darling!

M-K-C-T-R Rydeen said...


So during my random Blog stocking or as I like to refer to it as severely lacking a past time junkie, I found your blog...from Laura's IM blog.

This was a great post. Although while I was reading your "Next Year I will be ready" post I was rolling as I know exactly how you feel. Those proud Mom moments are precious aren’t they?

I also wanted to thank you for your kind thoughts and words during a rather difficult time for me, they were very much appreciated.

You have a beautiful family.

Kelli Rydeen (Mike’s wife) ;)

Anonymous said...

Colleen - I just spent some time looking through your wonderful blog. What a beautiful family you and Tom have and you capture your experiences so well! I loved your father's Day posts - what a neat idea. You are so creative. By the way I sooo remember Joe's fringe boots.