Aug 25, 2008

Extreme Sports! STARRING....Kellen Flanigan!

Here is a short video from our weekend at the lake starring Kellen, the daredevil. As I watched this unexpected event unfold from the shore, I once again questioned the Lord on his wisdom in giving me 2 boys. ....I'm not sure my fragile heart can take the stress!!! I also questioned my husband's wisdom on granting permission for him to launch himself off a ledge into the water without a life jacket or helmet.

P.S. You can't see it in the video but he was supposed to have ridden the bike off a jump. Clearly he missed the memo on exactly where the jump was located. I have no idea what posessed him to just ride right off the edge......


Aug 12, 2008

Next year, I'll be ready!

Today I took my boys to the doctor for their yearly physical. Let's just say that the overall experience was less than great. In fact, its entirely possible that somewhere in their charts they have now been categorized as 'slow'. You'd think that after having done this every year for the past 12, I'd be better at 'prepping' my kids for the 'interview' portion of the visit! You know what I mean....the part where they ask questions like "what color is this?" "can you count to 10?' etc. For some reason, my kids (especially the boys) leave their brains in the car when we go to the pediatrician and end up just staring at the doctor with a dumb, blank half smile. Today was no exception...

First the eye test. Keaton passed with flying colors. Kellen (age 5).....not so much. For starters, he doesn't know his letters very well so after he guessed his way through the right eye and the nurse diagnosed him as blind,  I suggested we use the chart with the shapes. This was better except for the fact that circles were not circles to him but rather 'donuts and cookies'. It was actually sort of funny to hear that little voice calling out "star.....cross.....donut.....hand......cookie, etc."  Hmmm.....I wonder where he gets his preoccupation with food????
Next, the dreaded questions to measure intelligence. Both boys failed miserably. As the doctor asks the questions, each of them look at me like deer in headlights. Kellen was up first. "Kellen, what color is my shirt?" He smiles, laughs nervously, looks at me, then the doctor, smiles some more and says "brown?" (her shirt was white). I'm thinking "brown?? what the heck"?! She then asks if he knows his numbers. "Not really' he replies. (At least he's honest!) The final question was "do you know where you live?" He said, "in my house'... which I personally thought was a great answer. If she was looking for "washington" or "spokane" she should have been more specific!
Keaton's turn. I will tell you that before we left to go to the doctor, we went over the months of the year (which he flunked at last year's physical) and all other random information that I thought they might ask. Of course, this year ....they didn't ask that. The first question they asked was his age, which he got wrong. (A proud moment for me). I'm just going to assume that little glitch was because he just had a birthday (he's 10) and not because he really doesn't know. He did well on the next couple of questions but said he had no idea what our address was and claimed to not know our phone # either.  As she is asking these important questions, Kellen is staring at Keaton with his mouth sort of hanging open, tongue out. Oh my....the doctor had a lot to write after that. 
Keaton also stated that his favorite subject in school is "PE" and Kellen told her his favorite is "playing" and "snack" which I think really dazzled her.
5 immunizations (4 for Kellen, 1 for Keaton) and we were on our way. Tomorrow, I'm going to start prepping for next year. I'm hopeful that we can redeem ourselves!

Aug 1, 2008

My (short lived) experience as a hedge trimmer

Sun is out....slight breeze....perfect day to surprise my husband by trimming up the bushes in the front yard. (yes I am an exceptionally nice wife). 

With love and dedication I begin the tedious process of shaping each little branch, twig, leaf.....they are breathtakingly beautiful as I create cute little squares and domes out of the uncontrollable growth. Mr. Miyagi (karate kid guy) himself could not have done a better job! Suddenly, somehow (I'm still unsure of the actual cause) the hedge hog mistakes my finger for a branch and in a moment, the entire experience is transformed into a horror movie. I run inside, hanging onto my blood-spurting finger, (which I am sure is only hanging by a thread) and wrap it in a towel. (Sidebar, Although I am a nurse by trade, when it comes to my own injuries or that of my kids, I suddenly become a crazed 3 year old child with zero tolerance for blood and an academy award winning display of drama). After a moment, I realize that the finger must still be attached because I can move it under the towel so I take off for the emergency room. The people there were not nearly as worried or worked up about the fate of my index finger as I was......
I tried to look as pasty white and pathetic as possible, in hopes that it would speed up the 4 hour wait that I figured I was facing. The guy next to me (mr. "short of breath, chest pain") was giving me a real run for my money. However, I must have done a stellar job of convincing the recptionist of my dire situation because soon I was in the back, getting a tetanus shot and hearing the fate of "Mr. Pointer". 
I had only nicked the tendon but severed the artery, hence the  river of blood coming from my wound....
So...they cleaned it out, put 5 stitches in it, and sent me on my way with a giant bandage and a prescription for pain meds (which I must admit...I have thoroughly enjoyed)!
The moral of the story is this.....hire out your yardwork....its cheaper than a visit to the ER.