May 26, 2008

Lake fun!

Ahhhhh....what a great (and busy) week! It started out with a bit of craziness: Kelli and Tom having school day performances of their play, the kick off of the fun run that I help coordinate for the school and a forecast of cold rain for basically every day....which pretty much always makes a 'fun run"... not so fun. Fortunately, the weather cooperated and the kids had a great time. Poor Kellen, (who gets drug around with me for all of these events) ran approximately 8 miles. The best part of that,( besides the 2 hour nap that followed each run), was made me feel MUCH  better about all of the fast food he has eaten this past month. Between school obligations, play practices, driving here....driving there......general life business......we're gone a lot. Somehow I must have missed the mothering class on packing food with you when you're going somewhere. I forget about 50% of the time and the other 50%, I'm just too lazy.  I think he is probably the only 4 year old who needs cholesterol screening! Thank you Mc Donalds!

Friday evening the boys and I headed to the lake for the weekend. Tom and Kelli joined us on Saturday after their performance. It was great fun! Not too warm but still a wonderful time of hanging out, eating, watching movies, campfires, friends, family and fun.  

I got a kick out of the kids and their creativity. 
Note the picture at the top of them "tubing". 
(A tube being pulled by a pedal boat.) They have done this before and it always makes me chuckle. Although with gas at nearly 4 dollars a gallon, they may be doing a lot of this in the coming months!

Now we're home and gearing up to begin another week. Of course, I will spend the next 4 days thinking its the wrong day because of the Memorial day monday holiday......


McMurrays said...

OH. . . so jealous. . I think you need some McMurrays sitting around that table!!! Can't wait to see the summer unfold at the lake!
Talk soon.

akbyrd said...

Oh I miss the "Looner". We'll have to try & get up there sometime this summer. Maybe the kids can take me tubing!

Emma said...

thanks for the nice comment