May 16, 2008

Sunburns, Wal-mart and opening night.....

With all of this sunshine, I was inspired to head out for my once yearly visit to the local, neighborhood nursery. (ok....actually WalMart). Kellen and I were having a wonderful time. A sort of 'hallmark movie moment' where mother and son are strolling through the flowers, sharing the task of pushing the cart..... As we walked, Kellen (who is just learning his numbers) would excitedly shout out the numbers on every sign. "Mommy, this flower is One- nine- zero", "this is "two -five- zero". Wal-mart (unfortunately) has a LOT of signs. 45 minutes later he finally tired of this game and resorted to trying to fit his big self onto the flat platform style shopping cart that was by now, loaded with flowers. I decided, as I was rescuing yet another geranium from 'hurricane Kellen', that it was time to go. We got in line with the other 642 cranky, hostile (sweaty) shoppers. The line was painfully slow....but Kellen was attracting a fair amount of smiles and giggles with his chatter. Suddenly, out of the blue, with approximately 89 people listening, he looks at me and says, "There are a LOT of zero's at wal-mart". Of course....I knew just what he was talking about...our number game from earlier! Unfortunately, everyone around us assumed he was talking about them and making a snobbish generalization about people who shop at Wal-mart.....
It is in these moments (and they happen to me often) that I am like a deer in headlights. I stand there staring straight ahead....completely blank,  other than the desperate, pleading prayer to disappear.
Nobody thought he was all that cute after that. 
Let's just say the next 12 minutes in line were a bit awkward.

On to the evening and the opening of  the musical"annie"!!! Tom and Kelli were both in the play and were awesome! Kelli lit up the stage with her portrayal of lead orphan" July" while Tom (although he only had 1 line) did a stellar job as the judge. After the performance, Tom handed  out( self-made on a copy machine) autographed head shots of himself to his 'fans'...  I'm pretty sure they were not "spokane children's theater' sanctioned but the director sure got a kick out of it!!!! 
I am so proud of them both!  Kelli, you have such a great commitment level. I am amazed at all you do! Tom, it warms my heart that you would take on this role simply as a way to participate in Kelli's passion.
The only downside to the evening was the fact that the theater, when firing up the ol' air conditioner, discovered that it was broken. We had to use a spatula to un-stick ourselves from our seats at the end of the night!!!