Dec 19, 2008

Oh....the holidays!!!

As the frantic final week of Christmas arrives, I am personally feeling a little overwhelmed. We have had a BUSY month....full of activity, excitement and of course....stress!
Sometimes its hard for me to slow down and really reflect on the meaning of the season and the things I am thankful for. I think you will understand better after reading/singing the following song I wrote about life in the Flanigan house.

(Please sing to the tune....'what child is this?")

What child is this.... who 
in the house kicked a soccer ball
through the window glass?
Whom mommy greets with stomping feet 
and thoughts of spanking his a#%.

This, this is child #2, whom 
makes a mess in every room.
sigh,sigh...try not to cry
the month is just beginning.

What child is this...who rolls her eyes
at every thing I do or say?
Who threatened to scream 
over the flu vaccine
and acts like we're all in her way.

This,this is child #1,who
thinks we are lame and not any fun.
sigh,sigh...try not to cry
December is just halfway over.

What child is this....who 
walks in his sleep and 
keeps his mommy from counting her sheep.
Who never stops eating and always is bleeding
from taking such huge flying leaps.

this, this is child #3, who's
broken most ornaments on the tree.
Sigh, sigh...try not to cry
December is almost over.

So bring me food and drugs and beer
I need it to capture this Christmas cheer
2008 hasn't been too great
Let's hear it for 2009!

Merry Christmas Everyone! (don't worry....I really DO love my kids and plan on keeping them)


blended by grace said...

Colleen, you are so hilarious!!!
Your song made me burst out laughing. I think many, many moms will relate to it.
God bless you and your kids this Christmas! : )

laura bacon said...

Oh my gosh... you are soooo creative!! I was cracking up!! Thanks for a little holiday cheer!! xoxo

jessithompson said...

Laughing my ass off... very funny! Thanks for the good laugh... ;) Merry Christmas to all of you!

akbyrd said...

Love it! As always thanks for the laughs & happy holidays! I heard about the big "fondue" venture. Let me know how that goes.

akbyrd said...

Hilarious! Thanks for the laughs! Happy holidays lady! I heard about the "fondue" adventure. Let me know how that goes.

McMurrays said...

I love your authenticity and your fabulous sense of humer! Aaron is going to love this post. . can't wait to show him!

Kelli Rydeen and Family said...

Oh I had to read aloud, we are all crying. All of our kids have done something similar. Cody made a comment when he was about 5 years old found out that a women we were skiing with asked to get out of the boat since she was no longer able to ski. Well Cody without skipping a beat asked if it was because she was "to fat"? Then one of my girls mistook tampon for crouton, and asked why do tampons get soggy...did I mention that we were in a resturant? Good times! Have. A wonderful Christmas!