Jun 8, 2008

Its a wrap!

The curtain fell for the last time on the "annie" production today. 

A bittersweet moment for everyone.....


Joey_Veltkamp said...

OH! It truly is a hard knock life.

akbyrd said...

Shoot! I am so bummed we didn't make it. Keep encouraging your little actors for an encore. Did Tom do his own makeup? He's pretty good!
Have a great week!

Heidi Ann said...

Good Morning Cricket, I absolutely LOVE keeping up with your family through our blogging! The photos of Tom, the kids & the cast members are great! Love seeing them!...What happened to you having toddlers & babies???...They all are darling!....I'm off to sew, trying to open a another etsy shop with infant & children's clothes. Will be posting pretty baby blankets & bibs later today....& little dresses next week!...Have a great Monday....Love, heidi :)

McMurrays said...

love the pics. . so bummed we never made it. I'm sure with Tom's performance they will come knocking on your door for the next show:)
Granite Point. . .is coming along. . we were approved, still trying to get keys to see the end trailor.

LBB said...

Hi Cricket--
Love your blog! Adored the post about your mom--made me cry!. You are welcome to check out ours if you are ever bored and need something to do (like that ever happens with 3 kids!). :) Hope to see you in the not too distant future--its been a lifetime!