Jun 23, 2008

I guess I forgot....

One of the things I love most about
being a mom is getting to 
watch my kids...well.....be kids. They remind me of the little things in life that sadly....I sometimes forget to remember. 

Like, I guess I forgot how fun it is to lay on the trampoline on my back and look at the clouds. How there are faces and houses and castles up there.... just waiting to be discovered.

I guess I forgot how nice it is to sit side by side and listen to music with a good friend. And how great it feels to turn it up really loud and dance and sing.

I guess I forgot (or maybe never really knew) that if you put a motorcycle helmet on, your bicycle actually becomes a motorcycle. If you also draw a road with chalk, the pavement becomes a city that you are driving through, complete with drive in restaurants and hotels.

I guess I forgot the simple joy of whacking a piniata, taking a dip in the pool or lake, digging in the dirt, making funny faces .....and how fun it is to have a lemonade stand, even if you drink it all before you sell any! 
I forgot what it feels like to have hands that are sticky with ice cream and feet that are black on the bottom from playing outside all day or wrinkled like prunes from splashing in the pool!

Kelli, Keaton and Kellen....thank you for helping me to remember! 

I love you!!!!


Heidi Ann said...

OH! Cricket, What a beautifully written post today!!!!!Between the great photos & your written words I got a bit "misty"!!! Thank you for treating us all!!! LOve, Heidi XO

McMurrays said...

Summer like summer around there! What a sweet post. . you are a fabulous writer. . I get lost in your words. Miss you!

Amy Sleeth (amyjosleeth@hotmail.com) said...

C - Your blog makes me miss being a kid in Spokane in the summer. I miss going to Giant T for perfectly cylindrical bubble-gum flavor ice cream cones. And riding bikes all day long. And playing Barbies in the cool basement when it's too hot outside.

akbyrd said...

Love this post! I miss Giant T too! I so remember their perfectly shaped ice cream cones & buying every "jelly" colored shoe you can imagaine with my allowance. Or spending all day at the Fairwood community pool with my sack lunch. Then riding my ten speed home with my sister on my seat. Oh the freedom of being young again & not a care in the world.

McMurrays said...

I miss Giant T too! I always got one scoop bubble gum and one scoop licorice! I also bought every pair of jellies my mom would let me. . I already commented but I had to jump in when I saw Giant T!

Kim said...

Ladies don't forget the Giant T icecream cones were only $.10!

Colleen- cool post. I almost bought this plaque today at the grocery store of all places that just said "Simplify". Your words say that exactly. Just hanging out, watching and enjoying. We just don't do it enough...or we just think we do!

jessithompson said...

I love this post... perfect in every way!

jessithompson said...

I love this post... perfect in every way!