Jul 17, 2008

Note to self...

I can't beleive it! My 'baby' turned 5 yesterday!!! How did this happen? It seems like only a minute ago he was a newborn and we were trying to figure out what to name this sweet boy (who was supposed to have been a girl named kate) ....

Last night as I tucked him in, I asked him what the very best part of his day had been. His answer...."going to Red Robin for dinner and having them sing to me". 
Note to self:
Next year skip the part where we invite 30 people over for lunch, swimming, totally awesome birthday cake (I made it myself), and games and go straight to Red Robin where they will sing to you and give you a free ice cream sundae!!!! Its really a much easier way to celebrate!

Oh well!

Happy Birthday Kellen!
You are a blessing and I love you so much!!!

Jul 15, 2008

Something new....

Today I was exposed to something new in the world of blogging. I was 'tagged' by my friend Holly on her blog. Here are the rules of this tag:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post these rules on your blog
3.Share 6 random things about yourself
4.Tag people at the end of your entry.
ok...here we go!
(It seems weird to post without adding a photo so here is a current one of me with my cousin Travis and his girlfriend Brandi)

-I am currently training for a half marathon which will take place in October. One of my 'life goals' is to run a full marathon before I turn 40 so I thought I'd better get going....only 4 years left!
-I am a 'semi-retired' nurse. After college I worked at a hospital on the oncology (cancer) floor until my first child was born. I'd love to go back someday and work in labor and delivery. I'm not sure it would even feel like 'work'!
-I have a strange obsession with the dollar store. I LOVE it! Something wonderful happens when you can buy something for only a dollar. Just today I got an awesome balloon bouquet and it only cost me $8!!!! 
-One of my favorite TV shows is "the biggest loser'. I cry every season!
-I know how to knit and just learned to crochet. Right now I am working on crocheting a blanket. I think it will be big enough to cover our pool when I'm finished!
-I love clean sheets. If I had enough time and energy, I would have clean sheets every night!

Ok.....Kelli, Courtney and Darci....consider yourself 'tagged'!

Jul 8, 2008

What fun!

Whew!!!!  I feel a little like I have fallen off the face of the earth for the past 10 days or so! The Flanigan clan have basically 'moved' out to loon lake and let's just say that the internet connection out there is less than speedy!

Trying to
 recall each day's events would take forever but I will say that we've had so much fun with our family and friends! Thanks to all of you, I have returned home with a heart full of new and wonderful memories....
Enjoy the photos! The only one missing is the picture of the rock that Kellen stuck up his nose this morning!