Feb 11, 2009

17 random things about me.....

I was recently 'tagged' on facebook to come up with 17 obscure facts about myself. For those of you who missed it.....here they are!

1. I spend a lot of time wondering what it would be like to have thighs that don't touch at the top.
2. I recently ran a half marathon and pretty much hated every moment of it.
3. I work the night shift.
4. I have to wear pajama bottoms when I sleep and a shirt that covers my shoulders...otherwise I have bad dreams or can't sleep.
5. Right now, my favorite treat is salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks.
6. Last month it was pumpkin pie blizzards from Dairy Queen.
7. #5 and #6 are the reason my thighs are fat.
8. In middle school, I had to wear a back brace....which probably impacted my self esteem but also gave me a flat stomach.
9. I love boots and flip-flops
10. I am learning to play the guitar and plan to force everyone at loon lake to listen to it around the campfire this coming summer.
11. I shattered my wrist last winter while trying to be a 'cool' mom and learn to snowboard. Turns out that riding down the mountain in the ski patrol sled is not 'cool' and actually embarrassing to your kids.
12. I am very scared of horses and flying on airplanes and heights.
13. I hardly ever pay full price for anything. I LOVE bargains! I think it annoys some people.
14. When people ask what my 'most embarrassing moment' is....it is very hard to pick just one.
15.I don't really like wine at all.
16. I LOVE guitar hero and dance dance revolution and am....hands down...the best in my family at both.
17. One of my favorite places in the world is Loon Lake.